No shortage of charges in alleged assault in Hertford County

Usually, the leveling of charges after an altercation between police and a suspect is a one-way street. The authorities wield the power of the government, while the citizen is the target of the allegations. But there’s an assault case out of Hertford County that’s been in the news lately and both one police officer involved and the suspect are facing criminal charges as a result.

The incident reportedly took place on June 12. Officials say that two officers were transporting a defendant from court back to detention when a fight broke out. One of the officers with the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office has since been charged with assault, inflicting serious injury and simple assault against the inmate.

Officials say the inmate, who had been in custody in connection with another case is facing additional charges due to the altercation. They include two counts of communicating threats, malicious conduct, resisting a public officer, assault of a government official, assault and disorderly conduct.

There is no word in the reports we’ve seen about the nature of the injuries that were suffered by the inmate in this case. A spokesman for the Hertford County Sheriff’s Department says that the police officer named in the case has been suspended with pay pending the final outcome of the matter. There’s also no word on whether any action was taken against the second officer who was on the scene.

It’s impossible to say based on what is available through the media what actually took place at the time of this confrontation. That the police officer has been charged with violent crimes, however, suggests that there was more to the matter than an officer simply trying to subdue a suspect.

Source:, “Inmate and officer charged in assault,” June 26, 2012

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